TOPRO Olympos ATR, with Soft Wheels

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The All-terrain Rollator
Image of the TOPRO Olympos ATR rullator, silver coloured in size medium. Viewed obliquely from the front. Image of the TOPRO Olympos ATR rollator, silver coloured in size medium. Viewed from the left side. Image of the TOPRO Olympos ATR rullator, silver coloured in size medium, when laterally folded.
Image of the TOPRO Olympos ATR rullator, silver coloured in size medium. Viewed obliquely from the front.


The TOPRO Olympos ATR is a premium rollator specially designed for outdoor use. Its wide design ensures stability and maximum support in an outdoor environment. Combined with large front wheels and shock-absorbing tyres the Olympos ATR provides reliable and comfortable support as the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

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Large front wheels

The large front wheels and shock-absorbing tyres ensure stable and smooth manoeuvrability on unsurfaced road, paths and cobblestones as well as on sand or gravel foundations.

Spacious shopping bag

Detachable spacious water-resistant shopping bag in on-trend grey fabric print. Reflective band for visibility and safety in the dark. Closeable with zipper. Holds up to 15 kg.

Flexible handgrip

Brand new for TOPRO’s outdoors rollator – the ergonomic handle (TOPRO Ergo Grip) offers flexible grip and comfortable armrests while seated. It also ensures a correct walking posture and safe rising from a sitting position. Together with the soft tyres it provides double shock absorbing effect for stable driving comfort.

Modern design

The redesigned frame has a slender and light appearance. The new wheels have a slim design, while retaining TOPRO’s well-known stability and shock-absorbing function.

User friendly height adjustment

User friendly method for setting the height of the handles using a numeric scale. The unique TOPRO Memory Function retains the preset handle height for easy re-use.

Easy wheel change

The internal braking system (TOPRO IBS) and TOPRO Quick Release system enable easy change of rear wheels with tread patterns to cope with different terrains.

Practical to transport

The laterally folding technology can easily be operated with one hand which makes the rollator practical to transport. It enables it to stay firmly on its wheels and take up little space when stored.


The TOPRO Olympos ATR has 7-year warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear). The rollator is tested and approved according to TÜV NS-EN ISO 11199-2 (standard for security and quality for rollator) and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for biocompatibility).

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Measurements PRODUCT WEIGHT HestiaMeasurements PRODUCT WEIGHT Hestia
Measurements USER HEIGHT WEIGHT HestiaMeasurements USER HEIGHT WEIGHT Hestia
Measurements SEAT WHEELS HANDLES HestiaMeasurements SEAT WHEELS HANDLES Hestia
Measurements TRAY and TURNING DIAMETER HestiaMeasurements TRAY and TURNING DIAMETER Hestia

More Information

Size M (medium) S (small)
Recommended user height 150–195 cm 140–170 cm
Maximum weight of user 150 kg 150 kg
Capacity shopping bag 15 kg / 12 l 15 kg / 10 l
Handle height 785–945 mm 705–865 mm
Handles Ergonomic – several holding positions (TOPRO Ergo Grip)
Grip distance driving brake 70 mm 70 mm
Width between center points of handles 490 mm 500 mm
Seating width 470 mm 470 mm
Seat height 610 mm 545 mm
Diameter turning circle 970 mm 970 mm
Maximum height 980 mm 900 mm
Maximum width 680 mm 680 mm
Maximum length 770 mm 770 mm
Diameter front-/rear wheels 280 mm / 230 mm 280 mm / 230 mm
Width front-/rear wheels 42 mm 42 mm
Dimensions when folded (l × w × h) 770 × 270 × 875 mm 770 × 270 × 850 mm
Product weight 8.9 kg 8.7 kg
Area of use Outdoors
Art. No. 814300 + colour code 814305 + colour code