The Topro Troja 2G Premium Rollator wins prestiges product test


We are proud to announce that the acknowledged German test institute, Stiftung Warentest, has awarded the TOPRO Troja 2G Premium as testwinner in edition 3/2019. In competition with a total of 12 other rollators the Troja 2G Premium rollator won best in test in operating, comfort and durability. It received high marks for being easy to assemble, simple funtionaliy of the height adjustment of the handles and having an easy-to-read user manual. It also got top remarks for being very stable, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. In addition the seat, the brake function and the folding mechanism got good scores.

” I am delighted with the results of the accalaimed tests” Says TOPRO Managing Director Paul Briggs. “The good grades in both the handling and durability category are very positive.”

In terms of durability, the TOPRO Troja 2G Premium received the heighest score in the test. “People purchase their rollator with the requirements that it is durable, reliable and can be adapted for them as their condition changes or as they grow older,” says Paul Briggs. The Norwegian company TOPRO, with its premium rollators, which have been available in the UK market since 2005, TOPRO was the first rollator supplier to offer the long warranty, which was especially praised in the test. In addition, TOPRO set high quality and durability at an early stage – therefore consistently described its rollators with the newly coined term “premium rollators”. In addition, in 2014 the warranty on all TOPRO rollators was extended to 7 years.

You can read the entire test report from Stiftung Warentest on their website (German only).  Click here

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