Training with your rollator

Tips for training with your rollator

Stand up – sit down!

Find a comfortable seat and sit down. Make sure the brakes are on. Okay, now get up. Ten more times, twice a day. It must be exhausting doing something this good for you.

Stand on one leg!

But be sure to set the brakes in the locking position and have something secure to grab onto while attempting this exercise!


Set a target for how many seconds you want to complete. Alternate legs and try and beat your own record every day.

Heel raises strengthen your calves!

Stand firmly while supporting yourself and go up on tiptoe, 10 times or more each day.

Enjoy the sunshine and life!

The best exercise is always a nice walk every day!


Take your trusty TOPRO rollator for a stroll, get some Vitamin D, increase stamina.

Meet up with some friends and have a nice time with people you like to be with.


It is important to constantly work on trying to maintain or improve strength and balance!