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“I am a physiotherapist working in the community and as part of my role treat clients with a variety of conditions. I have found the Topro range very useful for patients with more complex conditions where standard mobilator aids are not effective. For Example, I have used the four wheeled walker with the brake adaptation for clients who have hemiplegia affecting one hand. This means that the client is still independently mobile and can safely apply both brakes with one hand.

I have also used the four wheeled walker with forearm support for clients with severe back pain, for those with arthritic wrists and those who need more support than the standard four wheeled walker. Paul has frequently visited clients with me so that they can be assessed using the range of walking aids. This has always been done impartially and with no obligation. I would not hesitate in recommending Topro products.”

JW, Oxford Health

“I am a Physiotherapist working in a Community Adult Learning Disability Service.
The majority of our referrals are around deteriorating mobility and we frequently
have to carry out assessments for suitability of walking frames.
The Topro frames are light weight and the range provides a choice of attachments and
they have frames that will meet the need for tall clients.
I have found the Topro representatives very professional, knowledgeable and adaptable
when arranging home assessments. We have even been able to have a trial frame over a few days
to be sure it was suitable for the client.
I can recommend Topro as providing an efficient and reliable service.”

AC, Physiotherapist

“As a Community OT I requested an assessment from Topro for my young client with spinocerebellar ataxia as she required a more heavy duty four wheel walker to
facilitate safer mobilising indoors and outdoors. The client’s gait was unsteady and balance was poor.
The Trojan product afforded a more reliable walking aid and allowed her to return to independent outdoor mobility.
The demonstration assessment was easy to arrange and the delivery was prompt.”

GS, Occupational Therapist, North East London 

“The TOPRO Taurus frame enables people who have little strength in their legs to walk short distances which they would normally be unable to manage, even with a zimmer frame or gutter frame. This is because it is very sturdy with brakes, and they can rely on their upper body strength to support them. The fact that the arm/upper body support can be raised and lowered means it is much easier for them to rise from a seated position. They may still need supervision from a carer, for example to guide the frame whilst walking.”

MW, Nottingham